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Welcome to Kangaroo Kids Pre School

Welcome to Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli, one of the Best Playschools in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli is recognized for action-based learning. The Curriculum is completely based on child-centric and adapting some innovative teaching methods. Creating Safety and Security for every child is a must, our school infrastructure is built on these parameters. from safety and security, Our Vision is to create a healthy learning atmosphere for every child

Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli, being the Best International Play Schools in Hyderabad, the curriculum structure is specially designed by including all the activities like Theme Teaching, Art and more accordingly for the classes of Mother-Toddler Programme, Play_Group, Nursery, Jr KG, Sr KG, Day Care . The classes are designed concerning the ages of the kids (1.5 Years to 6 Years age groups). Although preparing children to read and write proficiently is an important component of the Kangaroo Kids Pre-School, the children are also offered literature through interesting and informative activities.

Our Classes

Pre-School With Healthy Learning Atmosphere

  •   A pre-school that caters to kids aged between 1.6yrs - 6.0yrs, with Mother Toddler Programme & Day Care.
  •   The infrastructure is built on high parameters mainly focusing on safety & security. Our classrooms are designed to engage students with interactive learning
  • Mother Toddler Programme
    Mother to accompany the child to the session
  • Play Group
    (1.6 – 2.5) Years old
    20 Class size
  • Nursery
    (2.6 – 3.5) Years old
    24 Class size
  • Jr.KG
    (3.6-4.5) Years old
    24 Class size
  • Sr.KG
    (4.6-5.5) Years old
    24 Class size
  • Day Care
    (1.6 – 6.0) Years old
    12 Class size

Play School with Safety and Security to the Child.

  • High Security Clearance for Entry / Exit

    Measures taken to smoothen the Entry/Exit.

  • Effective Bearer Card Policy

    Parent to carry the card every day to pick up the child (Mandatory).

  • Safe Transport Measures

    Transport available for 7 Km radius.

  • Nutritional Meal Plan

    Preset menu to be followed by the parents.

  • Effective Student Teacher Ratio

    Effective , Engaging and Enthralling education with2/3 teachers per class

  • CCTV Surveillance Campus

    Watch your kid through your Tech device any time of the operational hours.

  • Research Based Curriculum

    Curriculum that caters to every individual, based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple intelligences.

  • Safety & Security

    Our policies and standard operating procedures are held at highest discipline to ensure a safe learning space.

Managed and Operated by “The Foster Group”

  • Experience

    23 Years of Educating, Enriching & Enhancing the Edu gene.

  • Our Management

    The Foster Group also owns Kangaroo Kids Sainikpuri, Saket and Himayatnagar, & Foster Billabong High International at Saket.(www.fosterbillabong.net)

  • What curriculum is followed at Kangaroo Kids?

    Integrated disciplinary curriculum based on multiple – intelligences and Bloom’s Taxonomy.The curriculum is completely child-centric and learner-centric.

  • What would be the transparency in communication?

    Friday emails on weekly overview,Month-end email on monthly overview,Parent can walk-in/call us anytime for timely updates.

  • What’s the enrollment fee?

    Call us on +91 9100699699 or email to info@kkgachibowli.com for more info.

Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli Kangaroo Kids Gachibowli

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What Parents Say

  • Kangaroo Kids is a great place for my daughter to start her schooling experience. It’s welcoming and safe and my daughter loves being there.

    Matthew D. Campbell
  • Thank you! Kangaroo Kids –
    I wish there was Kangaroo Kids when I was growing up. I’m grateful to get the opportunity to send my children to a school like this. I missed the ICC Ceat Ranking Award Ceremony to be a part of this event.

    Sachin Tendulkar
    Father of Arjun, Kangaroo Kids Pali Hill, Mumbai.
  • I want to stay back in school –
    It’s really a treat to the ears when our kid says momma, I want to stay back in school for some more time… and it happens every single day that we have to pull them out of the main gate even after 45 minutes of dispersal… but deep inside I feel so happy and amazed. Billabong High Malad thanks a ton for such a lovely experience that you give our kids everyday.

    Baisakhi Nair
    Parent, Billabong High International School, Malad
  • Annual Concert –
    A memorable day indeed ! Congratulations BHIS team, Yes!!! Your great efforts have rocked the show!! Hatsssss off!!!!! Thanks a ton to all my beloved teachers, Principal Ma’am and other staff for giving us good memories and we will remember this great time forever. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

    Pooja Bedi
    Actress & Parent of Billabong High
  • Shifting from a different school –
    We thought changing school will be difficult for Yana. In just two weeks she is happy and enjoying her time at school, also sharing things with us. Thanks to the Kangaroo Kids team. Keep up the good work 🙂
    With Best Regards

    Ketan Solanki
    Parent, Kangaroo Kids, Alkapuri, Gujarat
  • Excellent teaching staff –
    Very friendly & very supportive. Very comprehensive curriculum. Appreciate the efforts of the teachers & the support team towards building & implementing the same. Excellent infrastructure. Had a lot of memorable experiences.
    Thank You!

    Aparna Chandavani
  • Marvellous activities for the children –
    I wish the school All the best and hope they continue to do such marvellous activities for the children. Actually if not for the children I request it for the parents sake, please.

    Shahrukh Khan
    Father of Aryan and Suhana, Kangaroo Kids Pali Hill, Mumbai
  • Appreciating the hard work –
    I have often written emails thanking and appreciating the hard work of our teachers, co teachers and coordinators. I realise there is a lot of hardworking non teaching staff who too deserve this appreciation and Miss Reena and Miss Melanie at the front desk are two of them. I am a walker and often interact with them on behalf of non walker parents. They are amazing at their jobs. They are wonderful at multitasking and are excellent with school rules, handling parent and school coordination.

    Vani Kulkarni
    Parent of Kangaroo Kids and Billabong
  • Sports Day –
    I heard here that they encourage participation in sports from such a young age and that maybe a feeling of trying to be competitive. That! That great! I think we lacked all this. I think we used to get into schools at the age of 4 or 5, so kids are already in playschool by the age of one and a half or 2 years old and they are already taking part in events by the age may be say two it’s great. I think it is a great thing the school is organising.

    Arbaaz Khan
    Kangaroo Kids, Pali Hill, Mumbai
  • Award winning performance by my son –
    I wish your organisation may create more and more jewels like Karan. All the best to BHIS team and thank you once again.

    Sanjay Doshi
    Parent of Karan Doshi (Grade 10 CB)